How we eat mochi in Japan. 7 common ways


Hi guys. I’m Japanese.

In Japan, everybody eats mochi in New year’s holiday.
Because mochi is a kind of ceremonial food and traditionally we eat it in New year’s holiday.

There are many ways to eat mochi in Japan.
I’m gonna introduce some ways to eat mochi on this page.


Isobe yaki (Soy source)


In Japan, this is the most popular and basic way to eat mochi.
First, we grilled it in the toaster, then put soy source on it and wrap it with seaweed paper like sushi.
We usually adding soy source while eating them.



Zoni is a traditional Japanese soup dish which contains mochi and vegetables.
We usually eat it only on New year’s holiday.

In a dicitionary, it means miso soup with rice cake and vegetables, but it’s not miso soup.
We put soy source, salt, sake to make a soup. But some people cook it with miso.
So basically, there are many ways to make Zoni.



Oshiruko is a sweet soup with mochi and some beans.
It’s kind of dessert for Japanese.
The beans inside of Oshiruko called Azuki. It’s a sweet beans.
It is also one of the food that we eat in the New year’s holiday.
Mochi and Azuki is a great combination.

Anko mochi

Have you ever had Anko?

Anko is a Japanese food. It looks black source. Actually, we make them from Azuki, sweet beans.
And it is a little sticky like butter. But unlike butter, it’s very sweet.

We usually eat dango with Anko. Dango is a popular traditional japanese sweets. Like this


Kids love to eat mochi with Anko or Dango with mochi.

Kinako mochi


Have you ever had Kinako?
Kinako is almost like sugar. It’s sweet yellow powder.
We mix Kinako and some sugar together and put them on mochi to eat it.
It’s very sweet like Anko mochi, but in a different way.


Natoo mochi


Do you like Natto?

I guess most foreigners would say “No. Of cource not.”

I always wonder who eats natto for the first time.
I do respect and appreciate the guy who did it.
Because unlike it’s gross looks and bad smell, Natto is so delicious and nutritious.

Anyway, you know mochi is very sticky, much stickier than Natto.
We put Natto on mochi to make the stikiest food in the world.

Actually even in Japan, eating mochi with Natto is not a standard.
But well, it tastes so good.

Mame mochi


This is actually very local food in my hometown, Tochigi, but since it’s my favorite, I decide to introduce it here as well.
Mame means bean. And we put some seaweed and beans into rice to make mame mochi.
It looks green because of seawoods.

It’s harder than any other mochi. But once you eat it, you’ll like this solidity.
It’s not so sticky like other mochi, so it’s easy to eat.
Some people eat it with soy source, but I like to eat them plane.

It tastes, I don’t know, it’s very hard to explain, there are no frase to explain this taste, but certainly delicious.
In my family, we love it.


Japanese eat mochi in many ways. Even more than I introduced here.
If you have any chance to come to Japan, I strongly recommend you to eat mochi.
But first, you should try with Dango, because it’s a lot easier to eat.
I’m sure you’ll like it.

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