How Japanese make mochi by Mochitsuki

Hi guys.

Do you know how Japanese make mochi?

We do it by mochitsuki.

Mochitsuki is a Japanese traditional way to make mochi.
I’ll introduce how we make mochi by Mochitsuki on this page.


Japanese traditional culture “Mochi-tsuki”

Mochi-tsuki means pounding mochi.

In Japan, it’s a tradition to do mochi-tshuki in a new year.

First, we put mochi rice in a large wood bowl, called usu.
By pounding, we use hammers. Usually, men pound the rice. meanwhile women shift the rice with their hands every time men pound the mochi.
With this combination, mochi will be pounded well.

It’s really impressive to see how men and women do mochi-tsuki with a great combination.

Like this.

“Pon!”, “Pon”

“Hey yo!”

“Pon!”, “Pon”

“Hey yo!”

“Pon!”, “Pon”

“Hey yo!”
Endless・・・until mochi got their solidity.

Actually, since mochi is so sticky and kind of heavy, you need power to shift the rice and put water on the rice.
So sometimes men do it too.

After the mochi-tsuki done, it is separated into small portions to be detribute.


The fastest Mochitsuki masters

They are Japanese fastest mochitsuki masters.
I can’t even see his hands.

I guess There is no guy in the world who can do this faster.

Mochitsuki by so many guys

This is not actually how we make mochi.
But it’s a traditional theater in Hokaido.

Looks like fun isn’t it?

Kumamon is challenging High speed mochitsuki

Yeah, Kids love to do mochitsuski.
And sometimes, a bear do it too.

By the way he’s name is Kumamon, the Mascot character in Kumamoto city in Japan.
I guess he’s very tired after doing that.

How stupid guys do mochitsuki

They are comedians.
Mochitsuki is a good theme for comedian.

Even a Japanese famous movie director, Mr. Takeshi did it too.


  • We do mochitsuki – pounding rice to make mochi
  • Usually men pound mochi, and women shift and put water on mochi.
  • Some bear do mochitsuki too
  • Some comedian do mochitsuki too


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